The President of the hippodrome Magdalena Rutkowska talks about her impressions after the first two days of the International Jumping Competition CSIO5* Sopot 2015.


How would you evaluate the course of the most prestigious competition in Poland so far?

Honestly speaking it is hard for me to express my opinion as the President of the hippodrome and the organizer. The most important judges are the competitors and their evaluation is essential. I can see contented faces. Everybody says it is very beautiful here and the changes make great impression. I take these words as a golden nugget. Personally I am delighted with the competition and the infrastructure as a whole- however I’m afraid I might not be objective! I admit that for me personally the outcome of our hard work is amazing!

Did you have a chance to talk to the competitors? What are their impressions?

I have just talked to our young rider Maksymilian Wechta who spoke positively about the logistics of the event. During the press conference preceding the official opening ceremony he stated that all the athletes he had had a chance to speak to are pleased with the new arena. They are happy with the stables and most of all with the conditions provied for the horses. A contented rider and a happy horse are our greatest compliments.

Have you got your favourites?

I would lie if I said I don’t but I like all our Polish riders. I cheer for them with every round! And I wish them luck in all the competitions!