We already know what kind of equestrian perfarmances will take place during CSIO 5* Sopot 2015!

It is sure to be an exciting spectacle!

CSIO is not only abut the competition. It is also about additional attractions, so much admired by the public. Equestrian performances during CSIO have become an inseparable element of the event so for yet another time we will do our best to meet the expectations!

We can offiacially announce that, for the first time in Poland, we’ll have a chance to admire Gari Zoher and his amazing horses. Our guest from France will take you on a magical journey. The performances of this renown horse lover are characterized by outmost precision. We are convinced that they will leave the entire audience breathless and hypnotized. It is sure to be an unforgettable show!

During CSIO5* at Hipodrom Sopot we will also host other extraordinary guests- horses from Wieslaw Sadowski Stable. Their outstanding performances have been seen all around Poland. We shall not reveal the details, however we can assure you that the formidable friesian horses show will provide you with memorable experiance!  pokaz 2

pokaz 1