There is only 1 day to go before the official opening of the most prestigous Show Jumping Competition in the history of Poland- CSIO 5* 2015 Sopot. To appropriatly herald this extraordinary event Hipodrom Sopot organised an outstanding press conference which took place on May 31 at 10 am at the Hippodrome in Sopot. The Organisers’ main concern was to bring the exceptional atmosphere of the event closer to the participants. What is the best way to do just that? The speakers entered the conference on horseback, pointing out that this sport is interwined with everyday life of the organising committee and, what’s essential, ‘the competition is orchestrated with human resources involved in it with all their hearts’ as was accuratly pointed out by the President of Hippodrome Sopot Magdalena Rutkowska. The press conference forerunning CSIO is undoubtedly an important occasion which couldn’t have done without the City Mayor of Sopot- Jacek Karnowski who stated that his big concern is for Sopot to be associated with sports and rich cultural offerings. The Press Spokesman of Sopot City Hall Magdalena Jachim talked about the bast way to promote the forthcoming competition- ‘the promotional campaign for CSIO is present in all Polish cities! The ability to prepare a 5* event means that we have excellent infrastructure, we are organisationally competent and it is worth visiting us.’ The outstanding cooperation between the City Council and the Hoppodrome was recognized by one of the competition judges Dariusz Orzoł. ‘It is worth highlighting that to acquire rights to organise a 5* event there are numerous requirements to be met. Excellent cooperation between the City Council and the organisers resulted in FEI issuing the permition to hold a competition of such a high rank.’ ’ CSIO in Sopot is not only about competing. It is an opportunity to spend quality, attraction packed time with the family in the open air. For years the organisers have taken care to provide the visitors with additional attractions and shows. ‘There will be three tremendous performences in the arena!’ commented Kaja Koczurowska, the Director of the event, with full involvement ‘An exceptionally interesting performance will be carried out by a French artist Gari Zoher who will present the highest level of training of his Iberian horses. Outside of the arena- a gathering of foodtrucks, inflatable bouncers, trampolines, Experimental Educational Centre, Polish fashion designers, riding equipment. To put it shortly, there will be something of interest for everyone and nobody will be bored!’ The coordinator of the event- Agata Jarzycka talked about the level of commitment necessary to organise an event of such high rank. ‘The preparations for such an extraordinary competition require enormous amount of time and involvement of numerous individuals. Over 100 volonteers declared their willingness to participate. The organisers are grateful for every helping hand hoping that this commitment will have positive impact on the competition. The newly appointed Sports Directior of CSIO in Sopot Rudiger Wassibauer, the former coach of Polish national riding team, also took part in the conference. When enquired about the chances of Poles in the competition he said ‘The Poles are in good shape and they have excellent athletes, however this competition will be a big challenge for them due to the exceptionally high level of the participants.’ After the conference everybody was invited for ‘Breakfest at Hippodrome’ where the friendly atmosphere encouraged further interesting conversations. The Organisers hope that the extraordinary format of the conference and the aonderful, almost family-like breakfest will encourage the media as well as partners to participate in this extraordinary event which will take place in Sopot on June 4-7.