The opening round of the event’s third day was competition number 7- against the clock for the prize of Energa S.A. with the prize money of 98 000 PLN. It was a rare opportunity to admire the riding skills of 50 athletes and the highest competence of their equine partners. The exceptional speed and clear jumps granted victory to an Italian rider Emanuele Guadiano and his mare Cocoshynsky. Silver went to Derina Demirsoya from Turkey and Vancouver. The time difference between the second and the third rank was only 5 hundredths second! Bronze went to a representative of the Ukrainian team Cassio Rivetti and Chataga.

During the break between the competitions the spectators had the occasion to observe unique equestrian performances- cold blooded horses from Nowe Jankowice stud farm and the majestic friesian horses.

The next competition, number eight, was sponsored by Longines with the prize money of 108 PLN. The victory went to Jarosław Skrzyczyński and his gelding- Crazy Quick. Emmanuel Gaudiano from Italy won the second rank and thus had yet another opportunity to be a part of the lap of honour during the same day, this time with his stallion Caspar 232. The third prize went to Andreas Schou from Belgium and Chalisco. It was an exceptionally exciting show!

Competition number 9- the puissance, sponsored by PKO Bank Polski with the prize money of 40 000 PLN- was the last one of the eventful day. We could admire 8 pairs hurdling over 4 fances with growing level of difficulty. In the last round the wall reached the height of 2,2 m.

The final attraction was an equestrian performance prepared by a French celebrity Gari Zoher, who took the spectators on a hypnotizing, magical journey to the world of horses. It was an ideal conclusion of tis wonderful day.